Mastering Speedcubes, solving fast and coolly | Have a big play Make more progress

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The above is the average data tested by GAN standard laboratory, there may be slight differences in reality. Take a turn, and wake it up. in an upgraded way! Turn the white side back and forth once. You can instantly wake it up, fast and effective. When the light is flashing, it’s being charged; If the light is always on, it’s fully charged.

Mastering Speedcubes, solving fast and coolly | Have a big play Make more progress

Mastering Speedcubes, solving fast and coolly- It has outstanding speedcube performance, and it also supports AI teaching/Solving functions, in the Cube Station APP. Even beginners can easily master; Additionally, it can help you with speed-up training. You can also battle with your friends all around the world, to beat or to be beaten. Visit here Cooler than ever, have a big play!

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Play and complete missions- Soon you will get the hang

The complicated algorithms are transformed into games that gives endless joy. Each game ends you’ll get endless joy. The difficult puzzle for getting started now becomes an easy thing.

AI animation teaches you solve the cube Step By Step-

No matter how messy your cube is, press AI Solve slightly. It will be able to generate solving animation instantly, taking you step by step to solve it successfully. What’s more amazing is that it can even be used for a regular cube. Get more here.

Advanced Training – To show where you stucked

Data that affects your performance, not all of which you may know about, but which is recorded; What’s more, it supports you to set your own regular algorithm pack and practice fixed algorithm to help you keep practicing your own no-good ones.

Playing alone is bored, Come 1 vs 1 battle-

Start the match! You can have speedcubing battles against friends globally, or randomly battle against an rival of your own level, and even show off your skills on the Global/ Friends Weekly Rankings.

Connect to the GAN ROBOT Have fun together-

No scramble? Can’t solve? It’s okay, connect the GAN ROBOT, it will solve a cube in 5 seconds, and it can also scramble according to random algorithms. It can assist you in targeted practice.