5 Ways to Beat Boredom When Studying


Boredom is a constant when it comes to studying; you are practically forcing yourself to become interested in what you’re doing. However, it would be best if you overcame that boredom to make headway in your studying. By taking quick breaks, changing your pace, and cultivating healthy habits, among other things, you can beat boredom while studying. Meanwhile, overcoming boredom requires a conscious effort to get yourself refocused and reenergized to work.

5 Ways to Beat Boredom When Studying

You may find this article very helpful if you find yourself getting bored while studying or doing homework. We have compiled five tricks and effective methods for beating or overcoming tiredness and boredom while studying.

1.     Work with a Schedule

Studying will be much easier when you break your study sessions into bits and start taking them individually. To ensure you don’t overwork and cover much in good time, create and study with a schedule. Moreover, when you work with a set goal, you will be less likely to give in to distractions. That is because you know a short break is coming up soon, and you have something you must achieve before it does.

Consider scheduling breaks of five to ten minutes after every twenty to thirty minutes of study – or fifteen per hour. Also, when creating the schedule, put your study time at the time of day when you feel the most focused and energized. Here’s an example of a good reading or study schedule.

  • Study for 1 hour
  • Take a fifteen minutes walk
  • Custom thesis writing – for 30 minutes
  • Listen to music – for 10 minutes
  • Finish my homework – 30 minutes

2.     Eat Before Studying

If you constantly get distracted from studying, your body might tell you that it needs food. On the other hand, if you eat too much before studying, you will be unable to concentrate as you’ll feel bloated. The solution is balancing the equation; put something in your stomach, but just enough to keep your body energized. Additionally, you can keep healthy snacks around you, like nuts, peanut crackers, or even some fruits.

Furthermore, keep a bottle of water or caffeinated drink around you to eat with the snacks. Essentially, you want to keep yourself comfortable as you snack since you will be there for a while.

3.     Clear out Distractions

One of the best ways to beat boredom when studying is to keep your mind focused on your study. Your mind is bored because there are other more interesting things around it calling for its attention. Meanwhile, the surest way to focus is to choose a time you feel the most energized and eliminate distractions. Choose a studying position where your mind is active, and your body is comfortable but not too relaxed.

Also, ensure all the items and materials you need to study are with you to your study session isn’t interrupted. Also, ensure your study environment is quiet; otherwise, you can bring some music to block out distractions.

4.     Take Breaks

Taking breaks between study sessions can help you beat boredom and fatigue, thus reenergizing your mind. You can take a stroll in the park, in natural environments, or anything to help you relax and rejuvenate. Taking breaks will help you work harder and faster to achieve your study goal for the day.

It also helps to ensure you don’t overexert yourself and that your mind is active and ready for the next study session. You can set a break by hours or milestones; that is, take breaks after some hours or after covering a few topics.

5.     Train Yourself

Another way to beat boredom while studying is to train your mind to ignore distractions and focus on studying. When you train your mind, it can dismiss the distractions as fast as they come and refocus. If you come up with an idea while studying, have a notepad where you can jot it down. You can visit that idea when you’re done studying or while taking a break.

A good way to train your mind to avoid distractions is by reminding yourself of your goals. For instance, a good reminder or motivation can be “ if I do my homework well, my grades can be better and my chances of getting into my dream college too.” If that doesn’t work, stretch your muscles for a few minutes or change the course you are studying.


As your test or exam date draws closer, it becomes imperative that all your attention is on your books. You cannot afford to get tired, but you cannot help it; your mind, body, and soul are exhausted. The secret to refocusing may be taking a few minutes of rest – or just taking a walk. These tips have worked for professionals, so rest assured that they will work for you, also.