Sponsored Article – Want to become a Counselor? Here’s What it Takes!


Who is a Counselor?

You love guiding and helping people? Then choosing to be a counselor will be the best career option for you. In simple terms, a counselor is a person who is professionally trained to provide advice and guidance. Talking to them helps us get the multiple solutions to our existing problems. Before making it clear to take up counseling as the career, it is very important to know various counseling careers.

Career in Counseling

An individual has to be very clear about what type of counseling course he/she has to take up. Several types of counseling are guidance counseling, career counseling, mental health counseling, rehabilitation counseling, and much more.

Qualification requirement depends on the type of career an individual pick. It is mandatory to have a bachelors degree in counseling to start their own business. Find the best online counseling colleges to get more information about counseling degrees and colleges that offer bachelors, masters, and doctorate degrees in counseling.

How to Become a Counselor

It takes more from an individual to be a great counselor. The following is the process to become a counselor.

Bachelors Degree – The basic thing is that an individual has to hold is a Bachelors degree. It is not mandatory to earn a Bachelors degree in counseling. You can earn a degree from any related stream. Bachelors degree is basic eligibility.

Masters Degree – The next big thing is to apply for a recognized and accredited institution that provides a Masters degree in Counseling. Enrolling in an accredited institution will enhance the structure of the program that helps an individual easily get into a good internship and job eventually.

Getting an experience – No matter what field it is, gaining the experience in the field that you have mastered is very important. So, an individual has to focus on getting an internship to gain hands-on experience on how the job actually looks like.

Doctorate Program – Few counseling jobs may require a Doctorate degree. So, it is advised to take up the doctoral exams and be a more trusted and experienced counselor. It requires a Bachelors degree and a Masters degree or a particular experience to pursue a doctorate degree.

Choosing Speciality – Individuals have to choose the specialty based on their interests and passion. There are a variety of specialties available to pursue which includes mental health counselors, career counselors, guidance counselor, rehabilitation counselors, and much more.

Types of Counselors

Guidance Counselors – These type of counselors generally have a lot of responsibilities. They can be also known as school counselors. They need to assist students and individuals in any way possible.

It is very important that they make students believe that counselors are always there to help them guide and identify the best way available for them to achieve their goals.

Guidance Counselors basically talk through and come up with the best solution for the problems. It is mandatory to have a Masters degree to be a guidance counselor.

Rehabilitation Counselor – These type of counselors are committed to helping individuals who have disabilities in achieving their personal, career, and independent living goals. These type of counselors can be found in the rehabilitation facilities, hospitals, government agencies, and in more places.

A few years ago, rehabilitation counselors were serving working adults with disabilities. But now, the rehabilitation counselors services has extended to all age groups. Professional certification and license have to be obtained before practicing this type of counseling career.

Mental Health Counselor – They are the medical professionals who strive hard to bring emotional stability in an individual. They work with a variety of patients and most of them specialize in fields such as addiction, trauma, and more.

This field provides various other subfields to choose and specialize. It is very important for mental health counselors to stay close to the patients and analyze what they need.


Being a counselor is not an easy task as it requires more patience and right decision-making skills. If you have an idea of guiding and helping people whether, it is children, old-age people, disabled or individuals with mental issues, then the career as a counselor is the best choice. Many places have decent requirements in terms of license and certification. Explore more about counseling career and start your path to be a successful counselor.

Author – Prasanth P