Sponsored Article – Smart Ways to Prepare Current Affairs For Competitive Exams


Smart Ways to Prepare Current Affairs For Competitive Exams. Current Affairs is one of the most important section in competitive exams like UPSC, etc. The word ‘current’ means day to day and the word ‘affairs’ mean issues or events. So, current affairs are the day to day incidents that are happening around us. The subject revolves around various fields like science, sports, history, national, international, environment, etc. The current affairs section is considered as the most scoring section. Students must be completely familiar with the syllabus before starting their exam preparation. For example, students preparing for UPSC exam must know the complete syllabus of UPSC IAS Syllabus before starting their preparation. Some smart ways to prepare current affairs for competitive exams are provided below.

Smart Ways to Prepare Current Affairs For Competitive Exams

Good books:- Books are the most important element while preparing for an exam. There are numerous current affairs books in the book market and the online bookstore but students must select the appropriate book for them. Students are advised to take suggestions from their teachers ormentors while selecting books to prepare for current affairs.

Read Newspaper:– One of the most effective ways to prepare for current affairs is by reading the newspaper daily. Aspirants must make a habit of reading the newspaper on a regular basis to prepare for the section in a better way. They can follow newspaper like “Dainik Bhaskar”, “The Hindu”, “The Times of India”, “The Telegraph”, etc while preparing current affairs. Candidates should try to follow more than one newspaper to make their preparation stronger.

Follow news Channel:– Along with reading the newspaper, one of the best ways to prepare current affairs is by watching the news. By following the news channel, students will be able to build their interest in the current affair section. Students must dedicate at least 30 to 40 minutes watching news channels every day. They can follow news channels like Republic TV, ABP News, India TV, NDTV, Times Now, BBC World, CNN, etc.

Prepare Notes:- Preparing notes is the best way to get all the important points in a single place. Candidates should practice noting down all the important events and activities in a notebook while studying current affairs. The notes will also help them to revise before their examination.

These were some tips to prepare current affairs effectively for competitive exam. Subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube Channel to watch interactive video lessons on various UPSC topics.