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Infolinks Review 2020 – Best AdSense Alternatives 2020 – Make Money Online with Infolinks [Best Alternatives to Google Adsense]. Infolinks is one of the best global advertising platform offering ad solutions for both publishers and advertisers. Bloggers and website owners monetize their websites with Infolinks while keeping the Look & feel of their sites unchanged. Infolinks publisher can select their winning Infolinks ad combination from our ad unit buffet: InFold, InTag, InText, and On screen. It takes less than a minute to integrate Infolinks on a publisher’s website or blog. PlacementOffer is writing the reviews about infolinks after using personally. We have used Infolinks on a number of websites/ blogs for more then a year. And after using we finds Infolinks is one of the best AdSense Alternatives 2020.

Infolinks Review 2020 – Best Adsense Alternatives 2020 – Make Money with Infolinks in 2020 – Apply Online.

Infolinks Reviews

Infolinks ads do not require any additional real estate on your web pages. So, they do not interfere with any other ad campaigns on your website. In fact, many publishers find that Infolinks works even best with Google AdSense as a perfect combo to maximize the revenue for their websites. The reality is that – the combination of Google AdSense & Infolinks is considered the highest paying model for content-based websites. PlacementOffer has also used Infolinks with Google Adsense for a long time on our personal blogs/ websites and the combination seems to be the best. Here, we are writing some more information about Requirements, Payment Methods, Payment Threshold etc.

Infolinks Review 2020 Publisher Requirements

The minimum requirement for Infolinks is having a website or blog only. You must have a live blog or website in order to place Infolinks ads and you can start earning. Infolinks don’t makes your website slow. Another good thing is that website is approved within 2-4 days only, where AdSense takes up to 7 days or longer in some cases.

  • Traffic Requirements       [Anyone can apply for Infolinks]  — Even publishers with new websites/ blogs can apply for Infolinks and gets easily approved.   [Best & Cheap WordPress Hosting]
  • Website/Blog Language               [There is no language requirement for publishers.] – Infolinks supports almost all the languages of the world.
  • Prohibited Contents    [Content that violates IP rights; pornography; hate-related content; violent content.] –
  • Service Agreement – Read the service agreement.
  • Sign-up for Infolinks (Publishers – Click on the link & Start Earning today!!!)

So, friends, to apply for Infolinks requirements are very simple & few but in case of Adsense it’s not simple.

Infolinks Review 2020 –  Payment threshold (Payment Methods)

Infolinks has made the payment process very simple & easy for publishers. Infolinks accepts a number of payment methods, which are very fast & easy as compared to Adsense. Infolinks Payment is sent via eCheck, Bank Transfer, Wire Transfer, Paypal, Payoneer etc. All details about the payment threshold are given below. In case of Infolinks payment threshold is low as compared to Google Adsense. Payment threshold is not same for all payment methods. Here is the list of payment methods and minimum threshold.

  • eCheck/Local Bank Transfer Payment method minimum threshold: USD 50.00.
  • Wire Transfer Payment method minimum threshold: USD 100.00.   [Bluehost Web Hosting – Best & Cheap]
  • Paypal Payment method minimum threshold: USD 50.00.
  • Payoneer Prepaid debit card – minimum threshold: USD 50.00.

Here is the payment screenshot directly from our Infolinks dashboard.Payment

Infolinks Review 2020 Conclusion

Based on my personal experience about this program, my opinion is that Infolinks is one of the best text link ads programs for websites/ blogs. There are many other Google Adsense Alternatives, but I believe Infolinks is one of the best. Now after reading the reviews and verifying the facts publishers may sign-up for Infolinks ads. A ditect link for sing-up is given below. And so, Infolinks is the AdSense Alternatives 2020.

Click Here to Sing-Up

Infolinks Review 2020 – Best Adsense Alternatives 2020. Make Money Online with Infolinks. If you finds Infolinks Review 2020 useful, please share the article.

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