How to face an interview – Success Tips – Article sponsored by Getmyuni


FACING AN INTERVIEW:-   How to face an interview – Success Tips – Article sponsored by Getmyuni. An Interview is an official conversation between two people or group of individuals as a step towards securing a job or specified position in an Institution. Interviews are of different types and the major ones are:

How to face an interview – Success Tips – Article sponsored by Getmyuni

  • Telephonic Interview: Interview conducted through Telephone, when the interviewer and interviewee reside in two different locations and this act as a screening stage for shortlisting final set of candidates for main interview.
  • Skype or Video Interview: When the Interview occurs in a formal location, face to face without physical presence of the interviewer and interviewee in a specific location. This interview is taken with the help of a Personal Computer, A webcam and a proper Internet connection.
  • Face to Face Interview- Most common type of interview where a predefined location for interview is informed to the candidates appearing and the set of Interviewers interview the candidates either Individually or in group where the members are present physically in the location and meeting in real.

Before facing an Interview, there are various other hurdles has to be scaled. Taking an example of IIT JEE Main Exam or NEET Exam, first after registration the Entrance card for JEE Main 2018 or NEET or any other examination has to be obtained from their official website and then after attending exams Result of NEET Entrance exam 2018 or other examinations will be published and based on merit candidates may or may not be called upon for an Interview based upon the universities.

Succeeding in an Interview requires certain things to be taken care of we will discuss them further

Research about the Institution and the Interviewer:- Every Candidate must possess some basic level of knowledge about the company or Institution you have applied for. Prepare yourself based on their profile and the post you have been applied for.

Self-Introduction:- Any Interview is incomplete without the question Tell About Yourself!. The way you Introduce about yourself gives away the Impression. First Impression is the best Impression so be prepared for it.

Body Language and Basic etiquettes:- Your stature should exhibit confidence, behaving with proper politeness does matter, before entering an Interview hall make sure you knock and ask for permission. The way you walk and the way you sit also act as an assessment about you. Make sure you don’t lean forward on to the table, do not fold your hands and legs and speak politely and precisely.

Dress Well:- Always wear formal clothing. Make sure you choose light coloured shirts and solid colours is always preferable, wear well-polished pair of shoes. If you are wearing a blazer try to wear Black or Navy-Blue ones as it is more suitable for a professional Interview.

Resume:- Resume should short and precise. Only the necessary Information must be given in the resume and resume should be to the point. Never lie in your resume, questions are framed and asked to you based on the information given in your resume, lies can cost your job.

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